ILC: a more inclusive Australia

There are 4.3 million people with disability in Australia and 460,000 are expected to become participants in the Scheme. Information, Linkages and Capacity Building () activities seek to build the capacity of mainstream services and raise awareness about the need to make communities more accessible and inclusive for all people with disability.

During 2016–17, the Agency took a major step towards improving community inclusion for people with disability when the first Grants were awarded. signifies the broader impact of the Scheme beyond funding for individuals.

In 2017, the Agency awarded:

  • nearly $14 million to support 39 National Readiness activities across Australia; and
  • nearly $3 million to support 22 activities in the through the Jurisdictional Based Grant rounds.

Key achievements include developing the foundations of through:

  • the Commissioning Framework (released November 2016);
  • the release of the Toolkit to help organisations prepare for the introduction of ;
  • delivering the first ever Grant rounds;
    • National Readiness Grants;
    • Jurisdictional Based Grants for the , the first jurisdiction to commence full commissioning;
  • the formal agreement of all relevant state and territory Transitional Plans; and
  • work with Partners in the Community (Local Area Coordination) to implement the component of their role.

The ILC Toolkit was developed to help organisations increase their understanding of , to improve their grant management skills and to improve their understanding of, and skills in, measuring outcomes for people with disability.

Successful projects include an inclusion support program to promote participation of children with disabilities in existing local playgroups, a project to foster more inclusive beaches with surf lifesaving clubs around Australia and the ‘Aboriginal Aunts and Uncles’ mentoring program for young Aboriginal people with disability.

Throughout 2017-18 the NDIA will continue to increase its work to support the broader disability sector through Grants in a way that is consistent with the NDIS approach.