Building a high-performing Agency

The NDIA aspires to be a high-performing organisation that delivers on its commitment to make the NDIS a reality for people across Australia. The aim is to build a truly inclusive and culturally-attuned Agency by removing barriers so all employees can reach their full potential.

The NDIA is new and still maturing, and continues to establish work practices and programs to ensure staff are supported, particularly employees with disability. The Agency is dependent upon the skills and capabilities of its Partners in the Community and respects the knowledge, connections and experience they bring to the task ahead.

This Chapter details the work undertaken by the Agency to help it to become a high-performing organisation. The Agency aims to achieve this by:

  1. creating an expanding and diverse workforce;
  2. organising staff to deliver results;
  3. developing staff capability and capacity;
  4. establishing a high-value Partner network; and
  5. building stakeholder confidence and trust.